Nicole's a classically trained pianist since the age of eight and a self-taught guitarist since the age of 14. Initially, she didn't want to play the guitar because her mom was a guitar teacher and that was "her thing." But once Nicole heard Extreme's "More Than Words" (hey, it was 1990), she decided she had to learn just one song on the acoustic guitar. Nicole became instantly addicted, quit piano lessons and by ear began to teach herself every bad pop song she liked. Soon, she was writing her own tunes.

Despite her obvious talent, Nicole didn't perform more than twice during college, allowing her stagefright to prevent her from scheduling gigs. Once she moved to Los Angeles in 2000, she decided to ignore her fear and start playing live. Nicole recorded her debut EP "Radiate" in 2002 and played the L.A. club scene with cellist Aniela Perry despite frequent panic attacks before gigs. The duo played well-known venues such as McCabe's, The Mint, and The Cat Club for about three years before Nicole grew tired of her neverending pre-show jitters and "trying to make it" and took a break from playing live shows.

Nicole has been recording her 14-song sophomore album for the an embarrassing number of years. She hopes to complete it before her perfectionism derails her again. Nicole's song, "Death Row Christmas Carol" gained traction on KDOL radio's Shout Out Program for death row inmates at Polunsky Unit Prison in Texas. She wrote it in 2005 for inmate Michael Toney after he emailed her requesting some music after he saw her Newsweek article. She didn't write the song out of some creepy prisoner fetish but out of a genuine desire to recognize Toney's humanity and remind people that, well, we are all human regardless of where we might be and the mistakes we may have made.

Nicole hopes to someday not have such a captive audience, and to post new recordings on this site once they are completed. Keep checking back. She's running out of excuses.


Death Row Christmas Carol